Jan 16 2008 5:00 PM
Past, present and possible futures....
So, I've got myself a blog.... Here I intend to post news and allsorts that aren't suited for the 'News' section.

Yes, I've got a new album out! Back in december 1999 I boldly announced that my forthcoming album 'Constructions' would be released 'within six months'. How naïve I was. Just about eight years later it was actually released, and about a week ago it went online on the iTunes Store in Canada, USA, Australia, Japan and most of Europe.
And now, within a month of it's release it has sold much more than my two previous albums.
As you might have guessed, I'm quite happy. Now I am looking for business partners in order to make 'Constructions' available as regular release as well. Actually I have considered having it pressed on vinyl and packaged as a gatefold. I looove gatefold LPs.

Anyway.... I'll catch up with you soon!