Jul 15 2008 9:42 AM

Yesterday I went to an enchanted place on the northern frontier of Kullaberg called Ladonia. Ladonia is a micronation that has declared independence of Sweden. On the shore of Ladonia two majestic pieces of art, the nimis and the arx, rises from the ground.
Yesterday these two artworks provided the backdrop for the filming I did of a musicvideo for Majbritt.
Majbritt sang the opening track of my 'Constructions' album, and it was a pleasure to be able to return the favour by filming a video for her track 'Utopiernes tid' - the time of the utopia.
Unfortunately the filming was made difficult by the presence of numerous visitors, but Majbritt performed well and totally ignored all the curious eyes. The next few days will see me sorting through the footage, and picking the clips with no other persons present.

Jul 01 2008 9:04 AM
Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the 'Tunguska event'. There's a lot of pages on the net describing this event, so I won't go on babbleing about it.
Yesterday should also have seen the release of a new album of mine, 'Evenkia', which was based on the Tunguska event and the first expedition going to the epicentre.
However, as I worked on it, I realized that the album was sounding too much like it was going to be a 'Constructions 2', and so I left it.
Who knows, some of the tracks might see the light in other forms on other albums some day.... maybe not...