Dec 11 2002 2:03 PM
Music to go with art

My sidekick Thomas Hillebrandt has just finished a work of music called "Music to go with art".
I do not play anything on the album, but you'll hear samples of me banging all sorts of stuff.
I am credited in the cover as 'Golden Ears'.

The very same Thomas has just taken portraits of me to use in the booklet of 'Tabula Rasa'.
If you want to see these portraits, please check out the 'Images' section.

In a very near future, I will create a 'listening booth' on this homepage, where you will be able
to hear tracks from previous albums, discarted tracks and works in progress...

More to follow soon...

Oct 07 2002 2:02 PM
Hi There!

Klaus Schønning and I have been working a bit lately.
We have nearly finished all the sequencing, and will move on to the actual recording soon.
So far everything looks bright for 'Tabula Rasa'.

The cover for the album has been designed, and preparations for a possible concert has begun.
Thomas Hillebrandt and I went to the venue today. Listen to what we said there.

I have expanded this website a bit, please take a look at the discography and try to click on
some of the pictures in the images section.

More to follow soon...