Nov 01 2019 11:01 AM
Concert Review

Local newspaper 'Halsnæs Lokalavis' has posted a review of last weekend's concert:


For the non-danish, here's a rough translation:

"That band should have a full calendar"

Ste Van Holm & Friends presented great art at the Kino
By Jesper Kragh-Pedersen

With a musical bombardment of the senses, Hundested Kino lifted off Strandvejen at 8pm on Friday.

A number of audiences of all ages joined in the multimedia journey. If anyone was expecting a night of plain solid rock, they were surprised. The band delivered a terrific concert with advanced ambient / avant garderock full of overdubbing, playback and other technical means.

Stefan Holm delivered interesting introductions and the band performed over 2 sets of 13 compositions plus 2 extras. All with well-integrated video installations of formidable, expressive, thought-provoking, mostly gloomy character.

A lonely death

The band kicked off a video backdrop of an atomic bomb blast this evening with a blast of a composition "The Noise" from the album "Construction". Then followed a well-chosen series of strong tracks all with fantastic video backgrounds and lighting effects.

The first set ended, especially Hundested relevant, with a grippingly beautiful but somber video performance accompanied by the musical "Alone in Eternity" about Jørgen Brønlund's lonely death in the cold and dark of the polar night during the tragic "Denmark's Expedition" in Greenland 1906-1908, where three man perished of hunger and cold.

Tesla and Chernobyl

In the second set, the song "Voltage Conrol" from the album "Tesla" left an impression. The album has, of course, been very successful in Nicola Tesla's home country, Croatia and can be recommended.

Likewise, a long, creepy video installation from Chernobyl - with accompanying music - made a strong impression.

Avantgarde Venues

Light and sound were perfectly matched (though the sound at the high end volume scale). Strangely enough, the band does not have a fully booked concert calendar. Maybe someone finds the music too inaccessible.

Fortunately, parts of the film industry and DR caught sight of Ste van Holm. I do not hesitate to call what Ste van Holm & Friends presented the audience for that evening, "great art", and there should be bids for them on various avant-garde venues.