Dec 26 2016 9:19 AM
Ste van Holm presents: If Ghosts could Photosynthesize

A few months ago, musician Emil Rønning visited my studio. He brought along a new gadget called a Midi Sprout, which was able to interpret biofeedback from plants and send it out as midi signals.
At first I thought it was too gimmickry, but soon I was mesmerized by the strange sounds that filled the studio.
In the days that followed, I recorded all the plants in the house and it became 45 minutes of strange, beautiful ambient music.
My input was minimal. All I did was to choose the sounds, and then turning layers on and off.
Since I cannot take credit for this, and my plants don't need any money, the music will be available for free on the bandcamp website from january 1st 2017.