Apr 24 2015 7:08 PM
The SubKick microphone
About a year ago I posted some pictures of Minella and Tanja doing vocals and Jesper playing bass in my studio. But after that I must admit I turned quiet.
I am working on a new album, and my initial plan was, that it would be due for release this may. However, it has taken longer than I thought it would, and I am nowhere near completion.

Emil doing a solo back in october.

The sessions are far apart I'm afraid. The last one was in january where Anders did some vocals for one of the songs. The one before that was in october where Emil did some guitar solos. I'm not rushing it, as you might have guessed.

Anders doing vocals in january.

All the writing of the new album is done, but I have kept myself busy doing other things.
One of the things I've done was the construction of a subkick microphone for drummer David Jeppesen. As sound engineer one of the harder things is to capture the round, fat, bassy sound of the kick drum. This has something to do with wavelenght of the kick and the physical size of the microphone membrane. By increasing the size of the membrane, the recording becomes easier. For the larger membrane I used a 8 1/2" subwoofer speaker and mounted it in a 10" tam drum. To suit Davids liking, it was given an orange coating by some friends at Skiltecenter #1 in Elsinore.

The various parts.

The microphone now resides in David's basement, and we'll definitely use it when we're going to record the drums for the new album.

David with the finished subkick microphone.