Aug 08 2012 10:16 PM
Last weekend...
Last weekend I drove to the outskirts of Copenhagen to a rendezvous with David and his drum set. David is currently test-driving a Citroen electric car, and this day he wanted to see if there were space enough in it for an entire drum kit.

The car and the kit 1

The car and the kit 2

The car and the kit 3

The car and the kit 4

David and yours truly in a now drum kitted car

One of the cool things about electric cars, except for being more environment friendly than it's fossil fueled cousins is, that there's free parking in the city centre. Hence we used Davids now well packed car to the Scandic Copenhagen congress hall where he was going to play a gig later that day. Two days earlier I had received an sms from David where he urged me to be his guy behind the mixing desk.

David's band in performance

I thought I was only going to do David's gig, but I ended up spending the whole weekend at the mixer. And I enjoyed it a lot.

David and his setup

One of the interesting acts was Temper-Mental MissElayneous, a girl from Dublin doing hiphop with a bodhran before doing a more traditional set. I have always loved the bodhran, and it was very refreshing hearing it in hiphop.

Temper-Mental MissElayneous with her bodhran

Another interesting act was the Norwegian / Danish band 'Megafon' who played a very strange blend of gypsy/punk/electronica. Their lyrics were sung in danish, norwegian, english and bulgarian, and they used processed saxophones instead of guitars.

I've spend a whole week absorbing all the inputs I got.

From Dirt Flowers Grow

On another note I have been doing dubs with both Tanja and Anders, and apart from a bit of hammond organ, only the bass is still missing before I can declare the new album a wrap.
The title for the album is 'From Dirt Flowers Grow', a statement I got from the electronic version of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies I always carry around on my iPhone. 'From Dirt Flowers Grow' was the card I drew the morning after performing a terrible gig and was considering not doing any more music at all. My answer will be released later this year.