Jun 02 2012 10:04 AM
Coffee with Martin
Summer's here officially! Hooray!
Although I must admit that it is a very greyish and windy start of the summer.
Grey with quite a few raindrops as well.

Today I had coffee with my pal Martin Jørgensen who is the most able percussionist I have ever met. We had a nice chat about the times we were on tour together, and discussed possible futures.
Martin provided his skills on the Constructions album that came out in 2007, where he played on industrial rubbish and allsorts. This can be seen on the DVD that came with the CD release.

Copenhagen, Martin and coffee 1

Copenhagen, Martin and coffee 2

Martin now spends most of his time in Brooklyn, New York and hence we discussed how to collaborate via the internet. This took us to the nearest musical instruments shop to check out the latest incarnation of Propellerheads' Reason software. A software I now use for almost all music production I do.

Martin with Reason 6 on Mac