Apr 02 2012 5:33 AM
Work in progress... and it's progressing well. I've written all the lyrics for the album now, which is always the last thing I do.
I know a lot of musicians who thinks my way of working is odd. I guess they write the lyrics as they strum along at the very first stages of a song. That's not my way. I have tried it, but it has only worked for me on rare occations (The Noise from Constructions). My way is to do an entire instrumental production, and then move on to writing lyrics. It may be odd, but it works for me. And now that stage is done too.
I'm not through recording though...

Anders by the mic screen

Long time collaborator Anders Brandt came by the provisional studio the other day to provide vocals for the album. He also brought his black Les Paul guitar and did a very beautiful solo for the closing track.

Work is progressing well...