Sep 15 2023 5:36 PM
Review of the Store Taarn concert

Local newspaper 'Bornholms Tidende' has brought a nice review of the concert at Christiansø.
It's in danish, but here's a translation:

"Not enough chairs for unique event

When the Norwegian cadets laid the first granite blocks as a foundation for a cannon position on Christiansø's second highest hill in 1684, they could not possibly have imagined what the tower would house just short of 340 years later.

This is written by Kirsten Th. Jacobsen from Christiansø in a press release about Saturday's multimedia concert, which Ste van Holm was behind. The artist with the civil name Stefan Holm has lived on Christiansø for the past few years.
Store Tårn, which today functions as an art museum and cultural center, was the backdrop for a sound and light show orchestrated by the ensemble Ste van Holm & Friends. For an hour and a half, films were shown on screens set up for the occasion, laser beams formed colorful fans and figures, while this year's art exhibition "The tower in the tower" became an active part of the light show.
- On stage you found five musicians who guided the audience with a sure hand through an electronic sound tapestry, where Tanja Hollerup's voice stood as a solid centre. Behind her was guitar and bass, while she was flanked on either side by an arsenal of electronic devices. Often the musicians only appeared as silhouettes to emphasize that it was the show that was in focus, writes Kirsten Th. Jacobsen.

There was free entry, and already half an hour before the concert was to start, Christiansø Støtteforening had to get more chairs, as significantly more people came than expected.
Kirsten Th. Jacobsen states that all rentals on Christiansø were fully booked in connection with the concert.
- So if you didn't manage to secure accommodation, you have to hope that Ste van Holm & Friends will bring the show to Bornholm. Hereby, a reccomendation has been passed on to the Allinge Dome. Otherwise, there is an opportunity to experience Ste van Holm & Friends when the show plays on a river barge in Berlin in October, she states."