The Dual Resonance Model

The Dual Resonance Model
Oct 10 2011

Release date: Oct. 10th 2011

An experimental album descending into philosophies such as music of the spheres. The album distances itself from other ambient releases by having vocals on it. The vocals were provided by Edith Fabritius Tvede who sang three songs on 'Anyway'.

Prologue / Epilogue

Jesper H. Petersen: Soundscapes
Ste van Holm: Soundscapes
Edith Fabritius Tvede: Vocals

Produced by Jesper H. Petersen & Ste van Holm
Engineered by Ste van Holm
Recorded between 2005 and 2011 in Denmark and Croatia
Cover by Julie Clifforth
Layout by Ste van Holm

The Dual Resonance Model by
Jesper H. Petersen & Ste van Holm with libretto by Edith Fabritius Tvede