9: The Glow and its Shadow

Day turns into night
night turns into day
then night again
Haven't had alot sleep
haven't had alot food
just water

there must be more than this
this pitchblende mystery is really
exciting me
and while I'm at work
Raindrops are falling
from the leaking roof
of the shed

I worked for days months and weeks
in the smallest quantity of matter
was where I seeked
finally my work was done
and like a fairytale
a blue light now vaguely shone

kept on working
without knowing
that this faint glow
had a shadow
that this substance
from a distance
changed the concept
of my being

What is this
What is this this this
feels so strange
shooting out of light

now the path is clear
now I'll cry no tear
now I'll leave you here
now It'll disappear