4: Garden of Exile

the nightfall
we surrender to sleep
We have
to remind ourselves
Of what
it is we're doing here

Vast is the desert
Lonely the dunes
A crowded bus with myriads
of people in different moods
Bumping past
an endless scenery
A deserted desert village
or what it appears to be

On and on
from dune to dune
We'll get to nowhere fast
we'll be there soon
Yes on and on
from place to place
for no apparant reason
to embrace

tea from ornamented cups
served by men in kaftans
or djellabas by the Atlas'
Music is played
on every corner of the street
the rhythm makes me dizzy
in this unbearable heat

Mercenary troops
are marching by
with their epaulettes and kepis
determination in their eyes
We're off to a plateau
to see the full moon rise
this garden of exile
appears before our eyes

We lay in the Moroccan sand
doing things we know they have banned
And underneath the sheltering sky
you asked me the devastating 'why'

The coldsweat's darkening your shirt
your eyes have turned red
And your panting
is hard to endure
A desert bug is digging in
it lives in your blood
And the dust is not much of a cure

A desert rose in perpetual bloom
A sun scorched remedy for gloom