A Physical Presence
2020 Aug 27 10:00 PM
Captured on a mild november night i 2017, 'A Physical Presence' showcase Ste van Holm & Friends' live performance in front ...
'Blank Sheet' from a concert that wasn't held
2020 Jul 06 11:37 AM
I was supposed to perform my album 'Thaw' live in concert, but because of 2020, everything was canceled. Here's a preview of w...
The 'secret' albums
2020 Apr 05 4:54 PM
I've always felt a weird attraction to unpublished albums, and I've felt a thrill when they were finally made available. For me...
Empire Magazine
2020 Mar 27 10:08 AM
German magazine Empire has posted a review of 'Thaw'
The deserted amusement park
2019 Dec 13 5:17 PM
Recently I've posted remastered music videos for the tracks 'Black Stalks' and 'Truth Serum' which were both filmed at the same...