Concert at Ragnarock
2018 May 20 9:06 AM
  Two days ago we played a concert at RAGNAROCK, the museum for pop, rock and youth culture in Roskilde, Denmark. The m...
2018 May 01 9:10 AM
Rehersals are well under way for the showcase gig at Museum Ragnarock in Roskilde.The concert is free, so we hope to see as m...
The Fanø Concert live footage
2017 Nov 21 8:51 PM
Barn Bash 2017, Fanø
2017 Nov 06 3:31 PM
On Saturday we played Ste van Holm music live for the first time in four years. It happened in Nordby on Fanø for the Ba...
Liveband 2017
2017 Oct 17 9:55 PM
The 2017 live band: Jesper H. Petersen - Bass Tanja Hollerup - Vocals Ste van Holm - Guitars / Electronics Martin J...