The Dual Resonance Model - rereleased
2018 Oct 18 8:17 PM
After having been unavailable for quite some time, my collaboration with Jesper H. Petersen 'The Dual Resonance Model' from 201...
Artwork for Klaus Sch√łnning
2018 Jul 07 9:51 PM
I have earlier written at lenght about my enthusiasm for cover artwork. As of late I have focused my creative powers on recreat...
Garden of Exile live at RAGNAROCK
2018 Jun 15 10:40 PM
Video captured by Peter Erbs Maibing.
Voltage Control live at RAGNAROCK
2018 May 31 10:35 PM
Video captured by Peter Erbs Maibing.
Concert at Ragnarock
2018 May 20 9:06 AM
  Two days ago we played a concert at RAGNAROCK, the museum for pop, rock and youth culture in Roskilde, Denmark. The m...