7: Maleficence

We passionate
are stigmatic now
Our pierced wrists
our holy bow

In sacred names
passing on the rite
with bow and cross
we set out to fight

A sacrifice
for us to see
a hysteric move
making history

An eagle flies
out to care
Whatís just and fair

A city forged
By men of belief
A kingdom ruled
By a thief

An eagle flies
out to care
justice and fair

And freedom
Donít you know
it's for your own good
this freedom
we have to fight
for you

well what do you do when your friends
starts to do what you fear in your enemies
some might tell them to sod it
we chose to follow blindly
we trust in our friends

Is an ideology
Suspended by

Donít you know
That we are right
to fight for you
we have to fight you