8: Oscillations

There are many kinds of wars
Fought in many different ways
In love and war it's said
that everything is fair
That everything is fair

He sits in silence by himself
With concepts brewing in his head
A system to replace
And render obsolete
The way the world had worked

Once his mentor now a foe
Inferior in many ways
Refusing to realize
The strenght of transformation
So he declared it war

The feud would reach an all time low
Dogs and cats would disappear
A wooden chair was build
A jolt of thousand volts
What an ugly war

Would proove him right
The future
For which he worked so hard
Belong to him


Please don't follow
I work alone
On the meadow at night
When the towns people sleep tight

Across the field
A grid of orbs alight
Illuminating a vision
Of how the future would be

All around the world we'll have
Energy right off the ground
Powers that belonged to Zeus
Free for anyone to use


Rotating magnetic field
Voltage, current, frequency
Polyphase electric field
Voltage, current, frequency

Nature is energy
Static charge and spark

Aether wind as medium
Voltage, current, frequency
Polarity, intensity
Voltage, current, frequency

Nature is energy
Vibration and pulse


A thousand lights was glowing bright
Ablazed the fact he won the fight
A luminated fair
for everyone to see
For everyone to see

prooved him right
The future
For which he worked so hard
Is now

A brownish faded photograph
Depicting nights in Chicargo
A job well done
A new horizon to pursue
The future has come true


Look at that wave
So powerful
All this resonance
all in tune

Look at that wave
Look at that wave
A stationary wave
Forever changing phase

My journey seems
As endless as my dream
Picking up the berries
That I find

Sometimes approaching
Sometimes fading
Everytime I think
that I will grasp it

So exhausted
From travelling
It seems to me
That noone walked this road