2016 Oct 31

'Illusions' can be regarded as 'Tesla's fraternal twin. Though written at the same time, 'Illusions' is neither stylistically nor thematically related to 'Tesla'.
The principal recording commenced immidiatly after the conclusion of the 'Tesla' sessions, and in an unusual move the tracks were released one track a month from april to september 2016.
An instrumental version of the track 'Connect the Dots' were used as theme music for the documentary series 'Når 2 køn ikke er nok' (When two sexes aren't enough) on danish national television.

Josefine Malmkjær-Andersen:
Vocals (Hello Neighbor & the Lighthouse)
Nicoline Asmussen:
Backing Vocals (Hello Neighbor)
Maria Søbæk Lykke:
Vocals (Meltwater & Road Movie)
Svante Wettergren:
Vocals (Sign here with Blood, The Lighthouse & Here we are safe)
Marie Hobitz:
Vocals (Sign here with Blood, Capsize, Connect the Dots & Deus ex Machina)
Søs Maja:
Vocals (Lights in the Sky)
Jesper H. Petersen:
Occational Bass Bursts
Ste van Holm:
Vocals (through vocoder), Guitars, Ukulele, Chapman Stick, Keyboards and programming

Produced and engineered by Ste van Holm
Recorded between November 2015 and August 2016
‘Lights in the Sky’
contains a sample of an untitled, unreleased song by Klaus Schønning
Mastered by Ste van Holm

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