2012 Oct 29

'Harvest' is a continuation of the straight forwardness from 'Anyway', but this time stripped from the electronic approach and wrapped in a 1970ies rock sound.
What 'Harvest' lacks in programmed drums it gains tenfold in hand played wildness.

Anders Brandt: Vocals and guitars
David Jeppesen: Drums and guitars
Jesper H. Petersen: bass
Tanja Hollerup: Vocals
Minella Ribert: Vocals
Christian Lundstrøm: Keyboards
Ste van Holm: Guitars, Keyboards and programming.

Produced and engineered by Ste van Holm
Recorded between November 2010 and September 2012
Drums recorded by Troels Bech at MIR Studio
Mastered by Ste van Holm