2007 Dec 14

Fear and discontent haunts this moody album that draws on music philosophies such as musique concrete and l'arte dei rumori as well as industrial acts of newer date. Constructions is also closely connected to the Urban Explorer movement, as all percussive elements are found and sampled at deserted places.
12 tracks fronted by five singers of mixed sex, makes up this mosaic of a dark album.

Julie Frey: Vocals (Flotsam and Jetsam, Kite, Maleficence & Termination)
Anders Brandt: Vocals (The Apparition, Maleficence & Plastination)
Majbritt Løfgreen: Vocals (Drown)
Troels Bech: Vocals (The Noise & Drown)
Astrid Myrup: Vocals (Three Red Frames)
Martin Jørgensen: Custom Percussion
Mikkel Paaske: Lap steen guitar, bass and double bass
Thomas Hillebrandt: Keyboards and DuS
Joachim Bang: Compressor
Ste van Holm: Guitars, Keyboards and programming, DuS and Chapman Stick.

Produced and engineered by Ste van Holm
Recorded between December 1999 and June 2007
Mastered by Troels Bech at Das Boot

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