2018 Oct 29 8:27 PM
Plasma Pedal vs. Tesla Coil
2018 Oct 18 8:17 PM
The Dual Resonance Model - rereleased

After having been unavailable for quite some time, my collaboration with Jesper H. Petersen 'The Dual Resonance Model' from 2011 can once more be found at Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify etc.

2018 Jul 07 9:51 PM
Artwork for Klaus Sch√łnning

I have earlier written at lenght about my enthusiasm for cover artwork. As of late I have focused my creative powers on recreating my friend and mentor, Klaus Schønning's debut album cover.

The reason for this is, that Klaus has recreated his debut album 'Lydglimt' for its 40ies anniversary. 'Lydglimt II' as the album is called, is not a faithful recreation, but a reimagination of old works seen through 40 years of experience and added advances in recording technology.

I have now created 11 album covers for Klaus, but for some reason I've forgot to credit myself in most of them. However, here's a small selection of my artwork for Klaus:

2018 Jun 15 10:40 PM
Garden of Exile live at RAGNAROCK

Video captured by Peter Erbs Maibing.

2018 May 31 10:35 PM
Voltage Control live at RAGNAROCK

Video captured by Peter Erbs Maibing.

2018 May 20 9:06 AM
Concert at Ragnarock


Two days ago we played a concert at RAGNAROCK, the museum for pop, rock and youth culture in Roskilde, Denmark.
The museum is a very special place with great architecture, and I highly reccommend anyone interested in music and/or architecture to go there. And it's only a few hundred meters away from the legendary Roskilde Festival site, so we got pretty close this time...

This was the second installment of the current incarnation of the band, which meant Tanja Hollerup on vocals and percussion, Jesper H. Petersen on bass, Martin Endahl Jørgensen on drums and me on guitars and electronic devices.

The concert was part of the museum's FredagsJam programme, and was organized by Christian whom I'd like to thank a lot! The venues sound engineer, John, did a great job, and I think this was the best sound we've ever experienced on a stage (though Barn Bash at Fanø was great as well).
We played a short set early in the afternoon, and unfortunately a massive traffic jam prevented a lot of people from getting there. I got a lot of notifications on facebook from prople who couldn't make it because they were stuck. I'm very sorry about the situation, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Anyway, here's the set list:

Connect the Dots
Lights in the Sky
Voltage Control
Garden of Exile

2018 May 01 9:10 AM

Rehersals are well under way for the showcase gig at Museum Ragnarock in Roskilde.
The concert is free, so we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

The museum writes about the gig here: http://museumragnarock.dk/

Martin and Jesper at our rehersal space