My record collection - Q&A
2017 Jun 18 12:33 PM
The first record I ever bought with my own money was… "It was Phil Collins' '...but seriously'. I bought it in december...
Music video for 'Lights in the Sky'
2017 Feb 10 1:43 PM
The first music video for a track from the 'Illusions' album has landed.It features Søs Maja, who also provided the voca...
Ste van Holm presents: If Ghosts could Photosynthesize
2016 Dec 26 9:19 AM
A few months ago, musician Emil Rønning visited my studio. He brought along a new gadget called a Midi Sprout, which w...
'Illusions' Track by track
2016 Nov 01 1:51 PM
'Illusions' my 7th solo album was released yesterday. Here's a few words about the tracks. Hello Neighbor - Vocals by Jose...
NEW ALBUM: Illusions
2016 Oct 31 8:24 PM
So, today's the day! 'Illusions', my 7th solo album is out through digital retailers worldwide. Spotify: https://play.spotif...